Seattle University to Forfeit all Religious Affiliation in Favor of Liberal Darkness


“ARTSY” CAFE, WA– Liberals often view themselves as good people because they are liberals.

Maybe this is why Seattle University recently announced that it will be forfeiting all religious affiliation in order to better focus the Redhawk mission on the liberal agenda. Unable to ever admit they’re wrong, the university will fit in perfectly with the darkness that swarms around the far left of our political spectrum.

“Our goal is to take as much money as we can from those who earn it, and then hand it out to those that need it. Like Shell.” A member of SGSU, who requested to remain unnamed, explained to Hard Copy, “Ultimately, we won’t do anything for our students who pay tuition, because one of the core values of the liberal world is to vacuum up as much hard earned money as possible and then waste it.”

Liberal logic is easy to guess, just take critical thinking, reason, and common sense and then do the opposite of what those things say and you’ve got liberal logic. With this in mind, the University will be changing its mission to “Seattle University is dedicated to educating the whole world, to professional peace, and to empowering the left wing media to keep prolonging discussion about a just and humane world.”

It is projected that Seattle University will systematically ruin and destroy everything they become involved with and then either point the finger elsewhere or demand more government involvement to fix the problems they created.

–Fran Tick


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