Housing Crisis: SU to Convert Father Sundborg’s Office into Efficiency Triple

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY – Students and faculty at SU rejoiced this past week as the Housing Office unveiled their surefire plan to solve the housing crisis: Father Sundborg’s personal office will be converted into an efficiency triple, providing three beds for three students (or two students and Father Sundborg).

Reactions to this recent decision are overwhelmingly positive:

“Talk about a bargain! A room in ADMN, plus breakfast cooked by Father Steve every day? Mmm, that cat cooks up a mean scramble.” – Reggie Wilmington

“I’m just glad we can put this housing crisis behind us. We were short just three beds, and this decision solves the whole problem.” – Kathleen Baker, Director of Housing and Residence Life

“I can’t wait to stay up late and watch Game of Thrones with my roomies.” – Father “Steve-Daddy” Sundborg

The decision to convert Father Sundborg’s office into a triple comes with a lot of excitement. Former roommates of Sundborg claim that he likes to leave Hershey’s Kisses on his roommates’ pillows before bed every night.

— Donnie Rhoads


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