Parents Around Country Worried About New Drug “Lemonade”


Parents across the country have teamed up to fight a dangerous new drug known as “Lemonade.” Phrases like “where can I get Lemonade?” and “Lemonade is so dope” began to be uttered by the youth of America late last week, immediately worrying parents. “My young Julie has really been acting different lately,” said Connecticut mom Kristie Stafford. “Ever since I overheard her talking about this ‘Lemonade’ she has been so much more confident and empowered. I guess it’s not really a bad thing, but I fear it’s the result of this new drug Lemonade.” Kids continue to insist “Lemonade” is not a drug, but their parents weren’t born yesterday. “I heard they use a device called a Tidal to smoke it,” commented Bay-Area dad Ralph Dash. “I’ve never seen a Tidal, but I overheard my little Billy talking about one the other day. It really breaks my heart.”

-Juan Albrook


One thought on “Parents Around Country Worried About New Drug “Lemonade”

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