Father Steve-daddy’s Obsession with Heat Maps Started as a Young Alaskan

heat map.png

SEATTLE, WA– Have you ever heard a speech by Father Steve-Daddy Sundborg? Then you have likely heard him try to make a heat map reference like “I would like to think that this room is the hot-spot for people who care about puppies in central Seattle.” or “I am confident that this room is the hot-spot for adulterers in North America.” This stems from his childhood fascination with going to the warmest spots in a region and relying on heat maps to do so.

“When I was a kid, I would hate the idea that I wasn’t as warm as I could be,” Father Steve-Daddy recalls. “So I began commissioning heat maps from my local meteorologist. As I walked to the points of heat, my troubles seemed to fade into the background. All I could think of is how the warmth would soon engulf me and I would finally feel home. It’s the same to this day.”

Growing up in Alaska, it does seem to make sense that Young Steve-Daddy would seek out heat. A cold kid in a cold place. However, an interesting note is that the heat by chance seemed to be centered on a church. “That’s why I became a Jesuit. I always associated churches with the hot spot on a heat map,” Sundborg reminisces. However, when he moved to Seattle, the hot spot happened to be at Neumos. “You could say I go to a show or two ;D”

-Chip Otlecoli


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