No, Uber Drivers Don’t Want to Hear Your Spotify

ugly car.jpg

Struggling valiantly against the elusive taxi companies, the American multinational online transportation network company Uber has supposedly become the go-to choice for anyone with mediocre music taste.

When Hard Copy asked drivers if they believe they are benefitting from the new partnership with Spotify, the drivers were not pleased.

“Nope, my car, my rules,” one driver stated.

“Yep, I’ll be answering no to that question,” a driver in Portland wrote. “Every time someone wants to play something, it’s absolute shit music.”

Another was a little more blunt: “Fuuuuuucccckkkk yooouuuuuuuu Uber.”

But customers aren’t the only ones with horrible taste. On April 18th, a Seattle college student reported that an Uber driver was playing badly produced EDM music during their ride.

“I was in the Uber for 15 minutes and the Uber driver didn’t say a word. And as I was about to get out he goes into his glove box and hands me his mixtape and says ‘peep this fam, and follow me on Twitter.’”

The student played an excerpt of the mixtape for Hard Copy, and we can confirm that it was just the sound of a fire alarm for 45 minutes. 

You can listen to the tape here.

–Fran Tick



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