How I Went from a Seattle U Alum to a Millionaire; How-to-Guide

tai lopez

I started from the very bottom. I ate two cabbages a day and managed to boil enough water for me to survive. I found myself a BUSINESS mentor. The private sector is built for INNOVATORS and HARD WORKERS. You can take advantage of this as I did. Through my HARD WORK I read up on financial terminology, learned to understand cash flows, read balance sheets and make the tough decisions. My mentor advised me but let me be clear: I had to WORK and THINK on my own to gain traction. My mentor did imbue me with a phrase I still live for to this day: Failure is growth and success is a party.

From there I began my business venture of Brazilian waxes for pets. Unorthodox they said. Stupid others said. But I understood my MARKET well, I knew there was a PROFIT to be made. I WORKED and I moved on from that venture. I went to SEATTLE UNIVERSITY because i understood that you need a DEGREE to be taken seriously. If you want to know the EXACT steps that I needed to make it big then you should check out my steps on my website. The AMERICAN DREAM is there if you have the will and the smarts.

-Tai Lopez


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