Bistro Rolls Out New “Rhubarb & Eggplant” Water Station


Exciting times at the SU Bistro! Later this week, the Bistro plans to unveil a new (and permanent) rhubarb and eggplant water station. Students will no longer have to drink water accented by lemon, raspberry, or other ingredients that only peasants or misfits would enjoy.

“The rhubarb and eggplant water station symbolizes the Bistro entering a new era of class and elegance,” remarked Antonia Pierce, Prime Chancellor of Water Flavors at the SU Bistro. “No longer will our patrons be forced to drink lemon or cucumber water- now they can dine with the pungent but tasteful flavors of rhubarb and eggplant in their water. Don’t be surprised to see more extravagant flavors in the future, too. It won’t be long before students will be drinking the very essence of truffle, brussel sprout, and cow dung.”

— Ronnie Dhoads


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