Five Places Dean Kelly might be hiding during the MRC Occupation

Over two weeks ago, a group of students called the MRC Student Coalition began an occupation of the Matteo Ricci College (MRC). The coalition has called for numerous demands including the resignation of the Dean of the College, Dean Jodi Kelly. During this occupation Kelly has appeared to have been absent from her office, yet has been in communication with the media in regards to what is happening. Using only our highest journalistic standards, Hard Copy has searched high and low, near and far, questioned the most powerful and the most marginalized in all of Seattle in order to find out: Where in the World is Dean Jodi Kelly?

  1. A Dryer in Campion Basement


Plenty of room in one of these broken laundry machines for a Dean!

  1. The Law School Coffee Shop (The Sidebar)


Closed for summer? Or is the Administration hiding something — or someone?

  1. The Bertha Tunnel


Convenient delays? Or is the Washington State Department of Transportation in on this too? Either way, the tunnel provides plenty of space for a Dean in hiding to kick back for a few days.

  1. The Labyrinth inside the Gym


Did she go here to hide or did she get lost like many a former student? Look out for the Minotaur!

  1. Hard Copy Headquarters


You caught us. We’re hiding Dean Kelly! Whoops!

— Mark Wilson


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