Quadstock Attendee: “A Little Rain Won’t Stop Me From Drinking”


This past weekend, Hard Copy had the privilege of interviewing Quentin Harmon: Quadstock attendee, music fan, and avid drinker. He shared his inspiring story of hope amidst a very rainy Saturday.

HC: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Quentin. How are you feeling on this Saturday evening?

Quentin Harmon: I’m feeling great… I am good, there are good musics.

HC: Quentin, tell us about this rain. How has it affected your Quadstock experience?

Quentin: It’s very wet. The rain is falling. A little rain won’t stop me from drinking, though- that’s my Quentin guarantee *belch*.

HC: It’s clear that your day has been met with severe adversity, via the weather, but you persevered. How did you summon the willpower to keep drinking and listening to music?

Quentin: I mean, I’ve alwaysh been a very good drinker and listener. I can chug and I can listen. I can gulp and I can listen- oh shit Saint Hotel is coming on!

Immediately following that statement, Quentin Harmon vomited on the concrete and ran screaming toward the stage.

— Ronnie Dhoads


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