SU Conveniently Announces Elevator Maintenance Right Before Finals


In predictable fashion, Seattle University has announced mass elevator maintenance right before the quarter actually starts becoming really hard. With dead week and finals around the corner, SU Facilities plans to shut down and perform maintenance on 20+ elevators around campus. Hard Copy reached out to Wrench McCallan, the head of Facilities, for a comment:

“These are crucial times. We need to make sure that every single elevator on campus hums and purrs with each floor it reaches- no unsavory squeaks, retches, or clunks. That’s why we’re shutting down almost every elevator on campus. I promise you this: there will only be one elevator working in each respective residence hall, and it’ll be working very hard to transport the necessary tools and supplies to our maintenance workers. It’ll also try to get students to their rooms, too.”

— Ronnie Dhoads


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