Hard Copy: Name your cause and we will pander to it, just please click on this article.

HARD COPY HEADQUARTERS (Any city that would make you more likely to read this) — Hey there! Hard Copy Satire here! We’ve been writing satire for a little over a year now at Seattle University. Just posting a friendly reminder that we — just like the rest of the media — are slaves to your mouse clicks. So please click on this article, or like it, or share it!

We are happy to change anything about ourselves (identities are so fluid anyway!) just as long as we can get some of your precious time. Gender, sex, politics, religion — you name it and we will write something that 100% validates your world view and keeps you protected from having to feel like your opinion is wrong (Don’t worry it’s not!!!).

Just let us know what you want! Email us at hardcopysatire@gmail.com ! We’ve got your back in a hopefully uncritical future.

Your neighborhood affirmative publication,

Hard Copy CEO/Workers’ Co-op/Anti-Capitalist Anarchist Collective/President/Prime Minister/King/Committee/Individual/Otherkin Overlord


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