Spectator to try out “Journalism”


SEATTLE UNIVERSITY — In the most recent edition of the Spectator — the student newspaper at Seattle University — readers were shocked to find something out of the ordinary: a journalism article. While utter confusion and chaos rained down upon the school, Hard Copy was able to talk with several people and gather their comments:

Father Steve Sundborg — “Sometimes me and the other Jesuits in Arrupe will take Spectator newspapers and make fun lil’ hats out of them. Sometimes I get to be Captain, but usually Father Ely gets that honor.”

Jeff Jeffery — “I like the change towards more journalism. But I think that they still balance the other stuff with the journalism pretty well. It makes for a diverse reading experience.”


While many aren’t sure whether this dedication to the standards of journalism will continue for the Spectator, we at Hard Copy would like to assure our readers that we remain completely ignorant of any journalistic standards and won’t change anytime soon.

— Mark Wilson


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