Students Nail Final Presentation Conclusion with “So… Yeah.”


ADMINISTRATION BUILDING — It is a difficult task to summarize an entire term’s worth of knowledge obtained from a Theology UCOR. Some choose to restate their original thesis. Some choose to add a quirky cliff-hanger like “What would the Jesuits of those days think about today?” But Brandon and Kyle, despite the controversy that arose as a result of their presentation about Jesus’ presence in today’s society, chose to wrap up every thought they managed to read verbatim from a PowerPoint slideshow with the definite, yet inquisitive “So… (uhm) Yeah.” The claim was followed by a slouching ovation from the students in the first two rows of the classroom, as the Works Cited slide shined brightly for all to see.

The ten-minute presentation itself consisted of three major segments: The one-minute introduction, the seven-minute video clip they added to kill time, and the two-minute Q & A. During the final segment, the students stood in front of the class, and hoped the one kid who was actually paying attention would keep her freakin’ mouth shut.

Luckily, she only added the comment that something in the video was interesting because it related to something that had happened to her in her life. The brave presenters were relieved at her narcissism, and retired to their respective seats with the haunting words still on the audience’s mind: “So… Yeah.”

— Thin Diesel


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