Facebook Friend Too Into Clickhole


The Internet, Al Gore’s Basement — Social Media users everywhere groaned in unison as that one annoying friend from college was sharing another post from The Onion sister project, Clickhole. “It’s not funny, it’s just really stupid,” said local Facebook user Lacey Higgens.

Clickhole, whose mission statement is “All content deserves to go viral,” often creates absurd and satirical content mocking the way in which people interact on social media, especially sites like Buzzfeed. Some examples have included “Heartbreaking: This Man has to live his whole life as Andrew” as well as “This Pleasant Footage of Macaroons is intended for Presbyterians Only,” and “23 Things Guaranteed to Happen at Every Music Festival.” However, while the articles themselves might seem harmless, rest assured that “that friend” will be sharing, liking, and commenting on each one of the articles and telling you at parties how great Clickhole is/will always be.
Though most social media users agree Clickhole fans are “the fucking worst,” there appears to be an even larger consensus that people who share too many quiz results are “the actual fucking worst.”

— Mark Wilson


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