Jesus’ Second Coming Really Macho Man Randy Savage; No One Realized


“Oh yeah, okay, I got sumthin to say to all those ROMANS who have reincarnated by now, oh yeah. Living in the Twenty-First Century… laughing it up at the grand ol’ crucifixion oh yeah… giving me the sour wine to drink on the cross. Oh yeah, I got sumthin REAL IMPORTANT to say to them. And LET ME POINT… to whomever on God’s Green Earth that Pontius Pilate has reincarnated into at this moment, oh yeah. Because you were afraid… Oh yeah, you were afraid I’d come back to haunt your nightmares… and now I’ve come to make that a reality during my Second Coming. On balance, off balance, first coming, second coming, third coming, oh yeah, nothing matters, I’m the real deal, AND I’M BACK FOR A SECOND TIME, OH YEAH. I’M THE CHRIST OF THE CROP, AND I CAN’T STOP, AND COME THIS RAPTURE-MANIA, I WILL THROW IT ALL DOWN IN THE RING WITH SATAN, THE PHARISEES, AND KING HEROD IN… the most epic fatal four-way the Jehovah’s Witnesses have ever witnessed, oh yeah. On top, off top, got a lot of snot to start kickin’ the CRAY-AP OUTTA ANYONE Who doesn’t believe in the power of the kingdom of Heaven. MACHO MAN. THE CHRIST OF THE CROP.”

Opinion Piece by Macho Man Randy Savage


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