Kanye: ‘I Don’t Think I’m As Good At Rapping As Drake Is’


In an intimate and revealing one-on-one interview with Hard Copy, Kanye West let out his vulnerable side:

“I guess I just want to feel like I’m good at something,” Kanye says.

“Like, in middle school, I didn’t make the track team, and in high school, Libby Wasserbitz rejected me to go to the junior prom, and I ended up going with my cousin from Idaho. And now, I feel like I’ve really found my groove in rapping songs, but a lot of people think I’m not as good as Drake. I don’t even think I’m as good at rapping as Drake. But I have to keep myself going, right? I have to keep myself at the top of everyone’s mind. I have to keep making videos of celebrity orgies to stay relevant.”


Kanye then cried for twenty minutes, and listened to Cheryl Crow’s best-of CD until he fell asleep.
Adam Yauch


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