Kid Who’s In a Band Really Wants You to Know that He’s In a Band


Central District — “Yeah, we’re playing Neumos this Tuesday. Not, like, the main part of Neumos where the stage is, but the back part of Neumos where the trash cans are and stuff. It’s a cool spot, right outside of the building, out the back door. So, to reiterate, we are playing music in an alleyway behind Neumos next to their trash cans. We’re basically playing Neumos. You should come by, it’s a pay-what-you-feel cover charge, but it’s expected you pay 15 dollars, which is awesome, ‘cause we’re used to playing shows with tickets that are, like, 20 dollars. We’re coming out with an E.P. this November called ‘My Baby Is Not My Baby Anymore, and Now I’m Sad About Her No Longer Being My Baby.’ We’re all stoked about it, we’re selling it on Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-feel fee, but an expected donation of 10 dollars, since we put a lot of work into it, getting drunk and shrieking into a shitty microphone along with a synthesiser…. So… can we have sex now, or….?”

This was the conversation Hard Copy eavesdropped on last night at an SU party. The speaker was wearing ripped jeans and a denim jacket with badges and buttons and shit on it, speaking to a girl without ever making direct eye contact with her.
Adam Horovitz


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