Ryan Lochte Grounded By Mom for What Happened in Rio


Following the events that transpired in a Rio gas station concerning Ryan Lochte, some of his friends, and a dirty lie about getting mugged, his mother had nothing but stern words to say to him. Hard Copy was there for the interaction:

(Ryan’s door slams and locks)

Mom (from outside of his room): Ryan, I can’t believe you did this. Unlock your door this instant.

Ryan (voice slightly muffled): No! If I unlock my door, you’re gonna come in and ground me!

Mom: Of course I’m going to ground you! You trashed a gas station! What did you think was going to happen? Now, come out here.

Ryan: No! It’s not fair! Michael’s mom didn’t ground him after he got caught smoking marijuana!

Mom: Well, I’m not Michael’s mom. Now, come out of your room right now, mister.

Ryan: No!

Mom: Ryan… I’ll give you to the count of three.

Ryan: No!

Mom: Ryan, you’re a 32 year old ma…

Ryan: No!

Mom: One…

Ryan: Go away! I ain’t foolin’!

Mom: Two…

Ryan: I said go away, bitch!

Mom: That is it, Ryan Steven Lochte! You are grounded for three months with no phone, no TV, and no Nintendo DS!

Ryan: Awh rats.

Pringles O’Rollerhockey


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