The 16 Edgiest Things I saw on Vans Warped Tour


Every summer the greatest event in the world comes through my town: Vans Warped Tour. I get to see all my favorite punk and emo banks from Yellowcard to Less than Jake, The Story So Far to New Found Glory, and Falling in Reverse to NOFX. Every year, I also see things that are so edgy that I am reminded of how I don’t fit in with society. Here is my list from this year:


  1. Teenagers chain-smoking cigarettes next to a “No Smoking Sign”
  2. Stealing some of Dad’s margarita mix
  3. A guy wearing a kilt
  4. People wearing all black despite the 90 degree heat in the parking lot
  5. Some girl spitting gum into the crowd
  6. Saying the S-word to my mom when she dropped me off
  7. Someone smoking marijuana in the port-a-potties
  8. Third Base
  9. Two guys drinking beer in the back of a truck next to a cop car
  10. Two words: Dyed Hair.
  11. Wearing my “Meat is Murder” T-shirt
  12. Getting punched in the face
  13. My favorite singer saying the F-word
  14. Becoming a nihilist
  15. Getting my first tattoo
  16. Telling mom that this isn’t just a phase after getting my lip pierced

— Mark Wilson


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