Father Sundborg, We Are Going to Need a Lot More Than “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” to Forget about the Anti-Union Campaign



In a recent move toward acknowledging the oppressive history upon which Seattle University was founded, Father Sundborg released a statement on the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 10th. While many welcomed the letter as well as the significance it brings in the deconstructing of the school’s colonial past, we are going to need a lot fucking more if we are going to forget about the whole non-tenure track faculty union busting.

For years the school has celebrated Columbus Day, a name which is synonymous for many with the genocide and ensuing suffering and forced assimilation of millions of native peoples. But if he thinks that means that we won’t forget about the school spending thousands of dollars on a campaign to block and delay the collective bargaining rights of non-tenure track faculty in Arts and Sciences, Albers, Science and Engineering and other schools in the University, then he has another thing coming.

It’s not like there is any shortage of things that would improve the climate on this campus either. Come on, throw us a bone and — I’m just spitballing here — enhance the school’s affirmative action program. Or, at least moving the school back to St. Ignatius’ hometown of Azpeitia could be a start.

While I think Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a start, this better just be the appetizer because I’m hungry as fuck.  

— Mark Wilson


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