Gary Johnson Thinks Pepé Le Pew is Prime Minister of France


(THIS PART IS REAL): In a recent interview, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was asked who a foreign leader he admired is. Gary Johnson stumbled upon answering, and then the interviewer asked him to name one foreign leader. Just one. Just name one. Just name any living foreign leader.

He grappled with the hard-hitting question, and resolved to call his inability to name a living foreign leader an “Aleppo moment.”

(THIS PART ISN’T REAL, BUT COULD BE): In a follow-up interview, Johnson stated affirmably that his favorite foreign leader is Pepé Le Pew.

Johnson stated, “I really like the direction Le Pew is taking France in. There’s a real drive behind his actions. Kind of smells, but hey, that’s the French for you. Beautiful first lady, too… Anyone got some doobage I can roast?”

So, to sum up this year’s election, we have to choose between an evil pumpkin, an evil snake-lady, or the cool uncle who forgets to roll down the windows when he leaves his nephew in the car to go buy Doritos.

Whatthefuckleton Smith


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