Giant Meteor Lands in Seattle University Library


Seattle University — One night last week, in the late hours of the evening, the sound of tapping keyboards and zipping backpacks filled the library at Seattle University. With midterm papers and tests to study for, many students camped out in the library to focus. Little did they know, however, that a massive crater would smash into the library and change the face of Seattle University forever.

At about 9:30 PM, Homer Trabajo was finishing up his calculus homework when the meteor struck the table next to him, scorching his homework and sending him flying. “When I finally got to my feet, there in front of me was this giant rock looking thing” said Trabajo, “My first thought was, ‘wow that is one ugly rock.’”
To the surprise of many, in the following days the object from the heavens remained in its place, despite construction crews closing parts of the library to fix the destruction it caused. Father Steve “Daddy” Sundborg claimed the primary reason for keeping the meteor in its place was rooted in the school’s commitment to sustainability and zero waste and would remain in the library until it decomposed.

— Mark Wilson


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