We’re 85% Sure There’s a Leprechaun Hiding on 5th Floor of the Library


There have been over 6 accounts of leprechaun interaction between students while spending time on the 5th floor of the Lemieux Library. One student reports to have caught a glimpse of a tiny green hat vanishing from sight behind a bookshelf. Another claims to have heard high pitched giggling right being her, and when she turned to look, there was nothing. A third student spontaneously burst into a monologue in an Irish accent, reciting passages from James Joyce’s Dubliners.

The evidence is there, and Hard Copy is just about convinced. Next Thursday, we are staging a stake-out. All who are interested in catching this leprechaun should meet at the Bistro at precisely 10:50 PM. Then, we’ll go to the 5th floor and hide until the Library’s hours are over. Then, we’ll spend all night trying to find that little son of a Mick, and take all of his gold to pay for one sandwich from Bon App.

Becky Wassherbitz


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