CAPS Mental Health Office Causes More Anxiety Than it Treats


Leadership Pavilion – In a strange twist of outcomes, it appears that the majority of students who choose to seek out psychological services and counseling from the CAPS on-campus resource find themselves plagued with more anxiety after they’ve used the resource.

One student commented, “Yeah, I just wanted to have a generalized anxiety screening. After sending three follow up emails, calling and being on hold for three and a half hours, and realizing that I’d have to share my innermost secrets to the semi-qualified people who work there, I’ve just felt really anxious.”

After Hard Copy issued a survey seeking to find a correlation between increased anxiety measurements and recent interactions with CAPS, we’ve found that a shocking 79% of students who have tried to set up an appointment with CAPS feel more anxious.

The student from earlier commented, “I just hope this isn’t a lasting thing. Maybe I’ll go to a real professional doctor next time.”

–Liam Cheeson


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