Kid In a Band Was Totally Just Listening to His Own Music


Byte Café – “Well yeah okay, I was listening to my band’s music. But I was listening to it on Logic Pro X with big earphones because I’m mixing the tracks. Watch me make some minor adjustments to the mix, so I seem like I’m working on something. Like right now, I’m bumping the fader of the reverb plug-in. And now, I’m compressing the distortion of the vocals. And now, I’m using technical music recording jargon to seem really cool in case a cute girl walks by and overhears, so she’ll think I must be really good at this.

So you know what, yes I was listening to my own music, but it’s actually work for me. I’m working right now.”

Our research confirms that yes; the Kid In A Band was indeed listening to his own music in the Byte Cafe.

-Chandy WoofWoof


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