Male Environmental Studies Student Just in it for the Chicks


Lemieux Library – The College of Arts and Sciences offers incredible programs that cater to the passions and personal missions of the students that participate in them. The Environmental Studies major is one that combines political, communicative, educational, and scientific sectors to instill a universal knowledge of the environmental crisis in its students.

However, one student who asked to remain nameless revealed that he does not care about the environment in the slightest. He just wants to seem like an activist to impress the female students in his program:

“Oh, the environment? Yeah, I don’t give a shit about that, the globe can warm it’s ass off for all I care. What I do care about is saying things like, ‘Let’s move effective legislation proposals from the federal to state governments!’ in front of the honeys in my classes, who totally think I’m political.”

More information regarding his plan is to come.

Phil O’Reily


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