Students Take to Streets to Protest Recent Rise in Protests


University students have taken to the streets in anger in a shocking protest against a threat to many a campus across the country — protests.

“I’m just sick and tired of it,” said Billy Tidler, the protests organizer. “Everybody just thinks they deserve to speak out on every issue that comes along. It’s like, come on man, not everybody cares.”

The march, which was heavily attended, walked around the same three blocks for an hour. Dozens turned out with various signs with powerful slogans.

“Shut up and sit down” read one placard. “‘Cos your cause causes harm” read another.

This move has received heavy criticism from other students.

“I don’t like it, it’s disrespectful,” Starblaze Whimsy, a senior theatre student said. “I think protests are important, and allow people to show their unhappiness in these troubled times.”
A protest in opposition to the protest movement has been scheduled for next weekend.

-Steven Fingers


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