The Pornstar Ken Bone has to Change his Name Now


The lovable but slightly creepy Ken Bone from the town-hall oriented 2nd Presidential Debate shattered the world of politics and the world of the internet. However, one internet-dependent worker has suffered a major hit from Ken Bone’s newfound notoriety. That is Ken Bone, the pornstar.

Ken Bone the Pornstar was devastated as he watched the red sweater-clad Ken Bone take Reddit and Facebook by storm, and even more devastated when his creepy and slightly sexual Internet history surfaced. Ken Bone the Pornstar has gotten over a hundred offers for films involving a red sweater and the Presidential Debates since this happened, but he is not inclined to “sell his soul” to the industry like that.

“One film company asked me to dress as Ken Bone while two other actors played Donald and Hillary, and just the thought of it made me have to take a shower.”

However, Ken Bone the Pornstar is not very worried because he believes that soon the new Bone will deflate from sensation-hood, and fade away from the public’s mind.

“What is hard in people’s minds always turns soft in the end, and I believe this new bone will soon be soft.”

Wolfgang Cherubentug


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