Friend from High School Still Telling Same Jokes


Hometown, USA — After returning from his first semester of college, Jorge was excited to see his buddies from High school and swap stories. He felt that he had changed a lot in college, his mind had been opened up to the injustices of the world, he had attended a few protests, smoked weed once, and he had even started going steady with someone!

That excitement all ended when Teddy, one of his friends from the soccer team began telling the same jokes that he had said every day of High School.

“You know I was really hoping they’d be different,” said Jorge in an interview with Hard Copy. “But really I think I’m the only one who has changed.”

According to Hard Copy’s advance forecasting models, it appears that Teddy will end up being the manager of the Hometown, USA Dairy Queen in just 5 years, continue wearing his letterman every day, and volunteer as assistant coach for the soccer team in his free time.

— Mark Wilson


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