Incredible: SU Loves Free Speech so Much they are Making a Zone Dedicated to It!


In these increasingly polarized times, there is one thing that most Americans agree on: The importance of the freedom of speech. However, one school is taking that love and shouting it proudly to the world with its own space on campus!

Absolutely incredible!

The “Free Speech and Student Empowerment Zone” is being given the school’s most valuable real estate, in another nod to the importance it plays to this school’s mission. The location is to be in front of the school’s library and learning center. And to free speech advocates’ delight, the school’s security agency will even help organizers find better places on campus if they become available!

If that doesn’t leave you speechless, then this next part will:

The school’s administration are so solidly in favor of this plan that they have refused to open the policy to discussion.

Take that, haters!

We can only hope that more schools start taking notice of this schools’ progressive actions and use it as a model.

— Mark Wilson


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