Student Walks into Loyola Building Just to See What’s In There

Seattle University, Upper Mall – Early this week, Engineering Major Samantha Mantha had an hour to spare before her next class. Wondering what to do, she passed the quad, heading south. Sure enough, she passed the Lemieux Library and its Leprechaun, and finally she found herself standing outside of the Loyola Building, staring at the all-white statue of Saint Jaspers.

Unsure what her next move would be, she allowed the spirit of all those old Jesuits to guide her through the doors to discover the contents of the building. After her experience, Samantha told us,

“It was absolutely incredible. I walked in, and I… I felt all warm inside. And it was really bright. And… and I got this weird feeling like I was with my Grandma again.”

Upon further investigation, Hard Copy discovered that Samantha’s grandmother works maintenance inside the Loyola Building, and was fixing the broken thermostat and lights.

Justin Timbercake


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