White Male About to Graduate From University Still Upset About Affirmative Action


Randy-John-Gary Brown, a 22 year old senior at the University of Kentucky, is still enraged about all the extra work he did in high school to get a GPA that he believes was 0.01% higher than that of all the students of color at his university. We had a chance to speak to Randy-John-Gary between his golf practice and his meeting at the local country club where he goes to drink beer with his diverse group of white friends. “I just think it’s crazy that I got in with a 3.2 GPA but the black guy who sits next to me in my history class only had a 3.17,” says Randy-John-Gary. When asked how this impacts him today, he told us that the trauma of reliving his acceptance to the university coupled with hearing his black classmate tell him his high school GPA keeps him up at night everyday. “You know, we hear about systematic racism all the time nowadays, but no one ever thinks that it would affect me. But it does, and it needs to be stopped,” says Randy-John-Gary. Thanks to young activists like Randy-John-Gary speaking up about real issues, we hope we will one day be able to see racial justice for all.

— Neethi Bangalore


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