Looking Back, Lemieux Library Architect Wishing They Fit a Few More Windows In There


In an open letter to the building itself, the architect of the Lemieux Library has expressed his regret for not including more windows in the architectural design. Here is the full transcript sent to Hard Copy:


Dear Lemmy,

You were always my greatest creation, my favorite child. Among the garbage you twinkled like a beautiful diamond or the starry night sky. Yet, you could have twinkled even more (literally), and the fact that you’re my magnum opus makes my failure even greater. You needed more windows, and I gave you brick.

Your facade shines bright on a sunny day, but more windows could’ve made you shine that much brighter! How foolish of me to construct even the slightest part of your exterior out of non-reflective materials. I care not whether studious younglings can peer out from your innards to the lower mall. Nay, the true Lemieux experience is looking at the building from the OUTSIDE. Forget the books and study rooms, for they are not shiny nor transparent.

I shan’t say more, Lemmy. I know you stand with poise, with grace… You never let my shortcomings diminish your beauty and posture. I just ask one thing of you, my child…

Forgive me, please.

Bill Ding Mann


— Ronnie Dhoads


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