More La Croix Cans than Signs at Seattle March


Seattle, WA — Spurred into action by the recent refugee ban by the Trump Administration, thousands of protesters flocked to Downtown Seattle, hoping to send a message. A sea of signs overtook the Westlake shopping center and park area, though these were dwarfed by the number of La Croix cans present at the event.

“No hate! No fear! Refugees are welcome here” and “Dump Trump! Dump Trump!” were among the chants made by protesters, albeit between sips of natural essenced flavored bubbly water.

“I’m really sick and tired of Trump and it hasn’t even been a month” said Brendan Smoothers as he crushed a La Croix can and threw it into a recycling bin, “That’s why I’m here to stand up for my values. Hey can you pass me another La Croix?”

— Mark Wilson


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