Service Trip to Nicaragua Such a Great Experience


Hard Copy chatted with SU sophomore Kimmie Yazerbitzer after a recent excursion to Nicaragua to help with water supply or build homes or something. She remarked,

“It was reeeally a great experiaaaance. Like, I couldn’t believe all of those children needed help. It was such a great experiaaaance to help the children. Like, it really opened my eyes to the fact that America should really be helping those who need help, particularly the childraaaaan.”

When asked how Kimmie helped the children specifically, she remarked,

“I had such a great experiaaaance. Nicaragua is beautiful. They all loved me, too. I made some lasting friends. My one Nicaraguan friend even started calling me ‘fastidiosa’ because we were such great friends. I love South Merica so much.”

Upon informing her that Nicaragua is in Central America and that “fastidiosa” is Spanish for “nuisance,” she just continued to talk about how great of an experiaaaance she had in South America.

It warms this reporter’s heart to know how much we are helping.
— Chips Van Boodletweefer


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