Spectator Fact Checker Just a Monkey in a Detective Outfit


To ensure the facts, figures, and data utilized by Seattle University Newspaper The Spectator are accurate, fair, and unbiased, the publication requires a crack-team of diligent fact-checkers. This crack-team is Mikey the Monkey: a four-year-old chimpanzee, stolen from Woodland Park Zoo.

The Spectator has a formula for publishing their works, and Mikey is an integral part: First the story is written, then it moves to the Spectator’s editor (a squirrel in a tutu), and lastly it moves to Mikey. MIkey is always dressed in a brown trench coat, sunglasses, and a double-brimmed hat, and sometimes he’s holding a magnifying glass.
— Dooper O’Looperhooper


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