Father Steve To Fast-Track Budget Discussions by Yelling “EXECUTIVE ORDER!” At Budget Meetings

steve daddy

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY – With the future of the university budget in question, President Sundborg has made the tough decision to fast-track budget discussions by yelling the phrase “EXECUTIVE ORDER” at the top of his lungs during budget meetings. Here is the full transcript of our recent interview with Father Steve:

Hard Copy: Nice to speak with you again, President Sundborg.

President Sundborg: Please, call me Steve Daddy.

HC: As you wish. So, with tough budget decisions looming, tell us about your strategies for resolving budget issues?

Steve Daddy: Of course. My main strategy is coming straight from the Big Boy’s playbook- and yes, I think you know who I’m talking about. The man with the hands. The head honcho who don’t like ponchos. The Harbinger of End Times. I’m talking about Donny Trump and his brilliant executive orders.

HC: How exactly are you going to use President Trump’s executive order strategy to your advantage?

SD: Well, presidents are presidents, we both know this. So whatever the Big Boy can do, I can also do. That’s why I will be yelling ‘EXECUTIVE ORDER!’ at all future budget meetings.

HC: What are you hoping to accomplish by yelling-

SD: EXECUTIVE ORDER! This interview is executively over.
— Ronnie Dhoads


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