Tech Fee at Work: SU to change Wi-Fi Loading Symbol to Elephant on a Bicycle


Seattle University — In an exciting announcement, the Information Technology Services (ITS) department declared a bold new initiative at the school: upgrading the Wi-Fi loading sign into an Elephant riding a Bicycle.

Dint Clicus, head of ITS, had this to say to Hard Copy and other journalists at a press conference held last week: “After our $2 billion investment in a high speed pager system, we here at ITS knew that we had to keep up with these changing technological signs. While many ideas floated around our innovation center — what we like to call our office — such as replacing the typewriters or beeswax candles, we ultimately settled on working to improve the Wi-Fi. From our research it seems that students are really frustrated with the performance of the internet at our school, so how else to improve it than make the loading sign more fun!”

Until the new loading sign is released, it looks like we will be stuck looking at the boring old loading sign. Thankfully ITS is looking into making this experience better!

— Mark Wilson


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