Who said it: Betsy DeVos or Dance Marathon?


With the recent appointment of Michigan philanthropist and school choice advocate Betsy DeVos to the position of Secretary of Education and the increased presence by Seattle University fundraising event Dance Marathon on campus, Hard Copy set out to help students understand the difference between these two events.

“I want to be the Secretary of Education, for all of the children”

This was said by Betsy DeVos when she testified in front of the Senate before she was appointed to the position. She hoped that showing compassion for the children would help win over several key votes.

“I am Dance Marathon and it is for the children”

Dance Marathon said this at their fundraising launch event as a way to describe their organization and help bring in donations for the children.

“I am a Republican because I care about the children”

If you guessed Betsy DeVos you are correct! DeVos said this to a room full of Republican donors at a fundraising event for charter schools in Detroit. After she said this the room erupted into applause because all of the children need help.

“I can dance for 16 hours straight for the children”

A morale Captain for Dance Marathon told me this to strengthen my spirits during the Dance Marathon last year. It’s always important to think of the children.

“Dance, revel and be merry if you care about the children”

This is a tricky one. While Dance Marathon technically said this during a promotional event at the Chieftain, it was first said several years ago at a dinner party hosted by Betsy DeVos in her Michigan home.

“We need to allow school districts to protect the children from bears”

This was screamed by Betsy DeVos after 16 hours of questioning by Senate Democrats. While the Senate Democrats don’t usually care about children, many of them are known of their strong positions on bear violence.

“I want to work for the orange man to help all of the children”

Trick question! This was said by Ben Carson when we asked him about that one time he separated conjoined twins.


— Mark Wilson


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