Code Red: The Spectator is Trying Now

Hey there friend,

It’s us. Hard Copy. Thank you for your support, clicks, and reads over the years. We really appreciate it. And we hate to now ask you for more — but we are in a bit of a situation.

The Spectator is actually trying now.

At first, we were in shock. No way could this last. But then, they started making videos of decent quality about things students actually cared about. Then we thought, this must be just a one-off thing. Right? We can’t have gone crazy. Then they started handing out newspapers at C-street during lunch.

We miss the old days, when writers for the Spectator wouldn’t be caught dead holding a copy of that glorified toilet paper. In fact, we even reported about it. Here , here, and here .

We always thought of ourselves as a bunch of edgy teens who wanted to make fun of easy targets and now with the Spectator becoming a reasonable source of information, we aren’t sure where to turn.

We need your help, oh readers of Hard Copy. Where should we turn next?

— Hard Copy Staff  



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