Date at Bistro Off to Good Start due to Burrito Bowl Meat Option


Bistro, Seattle University — Sources close to Brad Smith confirmed that his date with Jennifer Jackson was off to a solid start due to the weekly meat selection for the Bistro’s burrito bowl. “I was nervous at first about this date with Jennifer, but once I saw the meat option I knew things were looking up” said Smith, a Seattle University Sophomore and meal plan holder, “Jennifer and I both really like the chicken adobado”. The Hawk’s Nest Bistro, commonly referred to as The Bistro by the cool kids on campus, features two rotating meat options for their burrito bowls, tacos, and taco salads. “Sometimes the meat options are not very good, but other times they are pretty good” Brad Smith added “I’m glad this time the meat option was one of the good ones”. Jennifer Jackson agreed, adding “I was worried about the date at first, thinking I would have to rely on regular boring small talk, but this time with the Bistro meat option I felt like Brad and I really connected on a deeper level”. Hard Copy tried to reach out to the Bistro for comment but we are number 3 and number 34 just got their food as of publication.
— Mark Wilson


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