Local Middle School’s Taco Tuesday Busted by ICE


Bellingham WA – It was an ordinary Tuesday at William Howard Taft Middle School—or so they thought. Fourth period had just ended, and the 7th graders were about to go to lunch. Little Tommy Juiceoboccio had packed himself a peanut butter and ham sandwich, and was excited to begin his break from the regular trials of middle school life. Sally Yabadingdong brought her mom’s famous warm hummus pita wrap. But most students chose to buy lunch from the cafeteria because it was Tuesday. That meant tacos.

What the students did not realize was that this was the first Tuesday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would be cracking down on any signs of culture from south of the border. Fifteen minutes into the lunch period, one agent tossed a frag grenade into the cafeteria, and in came a squad of twenty-five soldiers who detained anyone eating tacos. Fourty-seven middle schoolers were killed in action, and one hundred and seventy-four students were arrested and deported. In a statement, ICE called the event a success.

Cringles McPoyal


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