Trump Accuses Spectator of Fake News


Washington — In a recent press conference, President Donald Trump has accused treasured Seattle University icon and pulitzer prize winning publication The Spectator of being “fake news”. “There are a lot of bad, bad people in the media let me tell you. Lot of haters, attacking successful business people like myself. Horrible, I mean where do these people get off, I don’t know and frankly I’m not interested. It’s just so sad, these people. Have you seen what they’ve been writing? Have you seen it, horrible things. Look, I call the shots as I see them and if they were on my award winning show, The Apprentice, which by the way set records for ratings when I was on it, I would turn to them and say this folks: You’re fired. That’s it, that easy” President Trump said when asked about his recent accusations. When reached for comments The Spectator had this to say “Someone knows about the Spectator?”

— Mark Wilson


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