Damn it: Customer in Front of “C Street” Line is Paying with Credit Card


CHERRY STREET MARKET – Boy am I hungry. I can’t wait to dig into this Wok that I ordered, it took forever to get. Wow, this line for the register is long too! At least this one moves fast. Wait, hold on… the person at the front, what are they pulling out of their wallet?

Ah fuck. Oh no. They’re going to pay for their meal with a credit card. SHIT, this is going to take forever.

Can I move to another line? Wait, there’s Linda! She’s got an empty register- oh, nope, fifteen students just ran to her. God damn it. Okay okay, maybe I can wait this out. How long has it been since they paid, anyways? Only fifteen seconds?!

Existence is pain. When shall I be released from this prison of time? This endless maelstrom of suffering wrought by a single card of plastic? I wonder if this is how it is meant to end. Not with a bang, but with a mere swipe.

— Ronnie Dhoads


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