If You Think Kendrick Lamar is Good Then You Haven’t Heard the Divestment Song


Everyone loves new music, and Kendrick Lamar is really talented. Album after album he has released continues to be better than the last. Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. is certainly no exception. However, it is no match for the Divestment Song.

I’ll admit that I couldn’t speak for days after I first heard To Pimp A Butterfly. The lyrical genius and fresh rhymes of Kendrick Lamar, to me, seemed unmatched. But the Divestment Song by Tem Blessed makes that look like a steaming pile of horse shit.

Even older tunes like “Bitch, Don’t Kill my Vibe” now make me want to use a rusty saw to cut off my ears. Why would I deny my ears the pleasure of anything less than the pure ecstasy of the Divestment Song.

Lyrics such as “We are unstoppable / another world is possible” and “Tell Shell to go to hell” speak directly to my soul and frankly make Kendrick Lamar look like the Nickleback of hip hop.

Kendrick Lamar better be HUMBLE. After he hears the Divestment Song.

— Jebediah


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