KXSU DJ Realizes She’s Been Talking to No One in a Dark Room for a Whole Hour


Basement of Campion Hall — Three-quarters the way through her shift in the KXSU studio, DJ Trisha had a bit of an existential crisis: She found herself awakened to the fact that she was sitting alone in a dark room, looking at a computerized playlist, and talking into the obfuscated, obscured, and endless abyss that was her microphone about some indie band from the 90s that no one knows about.

Listeners that day heard Trisha say, “So, Ugly Casanova is actually the side project of Isaac Brock, who sings for Modest Mouse, and I really enjoy the lyrics in… what… what am I saying right now? I’m talking to myself. I don’t even like Modest Mouse; I don’t know how this got on the playlist. Every time I leave this studio, I have to learn how to walk again. I don’t feel things while I’m in here. I think it’s literally sucking my soul out of my body. I’ve listened to Jason McCue’s shitty recordings on the Power Rotation six times in the past half hour, and his song is scheduled to play again next. I… I need to call my mom.”

We caught up with Trisha later that week, and we tried to get an idea of what she was feeling. She told us, “It was like what it must feel like to write for Hard Copy Satire when you find yourself sitting in the school library giggling to yourself about a ridiculous scenario that you just made up.”

Touché, Trisha. Touché.

–Juicy O’Woozy


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