Indie Kid Talks About How The Beatles are Overrated for Seventh Time Today


A party on 13th Ave – Jesse O’Jooplan is a sophomore at Seattle University. He enjoys listening to music in his free time. Not just any music though—The only music he ever allows himself to listen to is that which nobody else has heard about yet. It is through this practice that Jesse possess the ability mention these obscure band names to his peers, for the sole purpose of getting everybody to believe he has the most music knowledge of anyone else in the world. In fact, he has mentioned to close friends that he gets off on hearing people say the phrase, “Oh, I’ve never heard of them before.”

At a party on 13th avenue this past Friday, Jesse’s conversation with an acquaintance was overheard. They were talking about the Beatles. The acquaintance mentioned how influential the Beatles are, and how popular music would be quite different if it weren’t for them. Jesse responded by saying,

“You know, I never got what all the hype over the Beatles was about. They’re actually pretty overrated if you think about it. Like, their only good song is ‘Hey Jude.’”

This was a special moment because Jesse had just broken the record for the amount of times a dumb indie kid with an ironic mustache and denim everything called the Beatles overrated in one day. Jesse went on to mention how the Sweetles were actually a lot better than the Beatles. The acquaintance said he had never heard of them, and Jesse had to leave the party due to an accident…

Juicy Di Rollerskates


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