Michele Murray reminded to not use force choke during budget meeting

problem.jpgSources confirmed that Dr. Michele Murray, Vice President of Student Development at Seattle University, was reminded again to refrain from using force choke during cabinet meetings.

The source, who chose to remain anonymous due to possibility of spies around the school, claimed that the incident happened during a University budget meeting. Executive Vice President Tim Leary, under the impression that Murray and the cabinet had a deal, was surprised when Murray said “I’m altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further”.

Following this motion, she proposed a further increase in student tuition to fund additional sports infrastructure.

Other cabinet members confirmed that Murray “found their lack of faith disturbing” and that they were close to “failing her for the last time”. While many administrators were nervous, all agreed that the Board of Trustees were not nearly as forgiving as her.

— Jebediah


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