Sad: This student died before his mocha was ready at the Bottom Line

stock market.jpg

All Jeremy wanted was to join his friends for his favorite Caffe Vita espresso and a daybreak sandwich at the Bottom Line. Unfortunately, Jeremy would never again bite into a pizza bagel or sip on a mocha.

While waiting for his order, the sands of time passed by Jeremy’s eyes. Minutes turned into months. Months to years. Years to millenia. Eventually, Jeremy was just a pile of bones sitting next to the empty half-n-half container. How sad!

Never again would Jeremy try one of The Bottom Line’s signature sandwiches or popular teriyaki bowls served daily. Hopefully in heaven, they have plenty of convenient grab ‘n’ go options like the signature salads, crudites, pinwheels, yogurt parfaits, and more!

— Mark Wilson


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