Crossing the Aisle: This SU student shook hands with a Republican and didn’t even know it.


Seattle University — Junior Sociology student Lana O’Brien was hanging out with some of her friends after her Deconstructing White Supremacy class when she met John Smith. According to sources, Smith a conservative republican, was on campus visiting a friend. Smith and O’Brien introduced themselves, shook hands, and had a conversation.

Incredible! Some think that the divide between Republicans and Democrats is too wide in this country. Well skeptics, you just got served!

If we keep having interactions like this between O’Brien and Smith, then who knows what this country can achieve next! Healthcare reform? Creation of a more just justice system? Ending the opioid epidemic? The world is our oyster!

In this age of cynicism, it’s always nice to have a feel good story. Thanks Lana and John! You are both an inspiration to us all.

— Mark Wilson     


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